Help - The Greek Alphabet

This table gives the Greek letters, their names, equivalent English letters.

1alfaΑ, αa
2betaΒ, βb
3gammaΓ, γg
4deltaΔ, δd
5epsilonΕ, εe
6zêtaΖ, ζz
7êtaΗ, ηê
8thêtaQ, qth
9iotaΙ, ιi
10kappaΚ, κk
11lambdaΛ, λl
12muΜ, μm
13nuΝ, νn
14xiΞ, ξx
15omikronΟ, οo
16piΠ, πp
17rhoΡ, ρr
18sigmaΣ, σ, ςs
19tauΤ, τt
20upsilonΥ, υu
21phiΦ, φf
22chiΧ, χch
23psiΨ, ψps
24omegaΩ, ωô


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